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Saturday, 26 December 2020

The Four Horsemen EP - Dj AB, Kheengz, Deezell & BOC Madaki (Download Full Tracks)

The four Northern too rated artists Dj AB, Kheengz, Deezell and BOC Madaki drops the most anticipated joint EP. The full album is finally available for download. 

The Four Horsemen EP is one the best album so far in the North as for 2020, the EP is sets to round of the year.

Below is the full MP3 audio download of The Four Horsemen EP Album by Dj AB, Kheengz, Deezell & BOC Madaki

Download all tracks from The Four Horsemen EP

1. 240 Ft. Dj AB, Deezell, BOC Madaki

2. Burouba Ft. Kheengz, Dj AB, & Deezell

3. Real Shit Ft. BOC Madaki, Kheengz, & Dj AB

4. T4HM Cypher Ft. BOC Madaki, Kheengz, Deezell & Dj AB



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