The Nigerian Senate has approved the 2021 budget



The Nigerian Senate approved the 2021 budget at its special session on Monday.

The legislature approved N5.6 trillion as operating expenses, 4.1 trillion for major projects and 3.3 trillion for debt.

In addition, 4.1 trillion naira has been set aside as a fundraiser for major projects.

Jumilla, the legislature approved 13.5 trillion naira, an additional 5 billion more than the 13 trillion naira presented by President Buhari in October.

After concluding the third reading today, Speaker Ahmad Lawan expressed satisfaction over the approval of the budget ahead of the Christmas and New Year holidays.

“Let me start by congratulating us on working hard to see that we approve the 2021 budget on time before the Christmas break,” he said.

Earlier, Buhari presented a package of 13 trillion naira (13,082,420,568,233), which surpassed 2020 by 2.28 trillion, while last year’s budget was 10.805 trillion.

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