The United States has removed additional visa fees for Nigerians


 The United States Government has withdrawn the additional fees that Nigerians are required to pay to visa applicants.

Nigerian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ferdinand Nwonye said in a statement on Friday that work had begun with the withdrawal of funds from last Thursday.

He added that this followed the removal of some Nigerian visa requirements imposed by the Nigerian government on US applicants.

“Nigerians applying for visas to the United States are advised to visit for more information,” said Ferdinand Nwonye.

Nigeria has imposed additional visa fees on Americans after the United States imposed additional visa fees on Nigerians.

The Daily Trust reports that Nigerians who received US visas after the increase paid an additional $ 80 to 110 – equivalent to N28,800 to N39,600.

Nigeria has now reduced visa fees for Americans, ranging from $ 180 to $ 150.

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