The United States has set aside $ 900 billion for coronavirus subsidy for its citizens



After months of speculation, U.S. lawmakers have approved $ 900 billion in cash – for coronavirus subsidy for Americans.

The money is part of a $ 1.4 trillion government budget over the next nine months.

The new system includes a maximum of $ 600 per person – more than N200,000 – and an additional $ 300 per week for the unemployed.

In addition, $ 300 billion has been set aside to support businesses and fund the distribution of vaccines and renovate schools and so on.

Many of the government’s current coronation subsidies will end by the end of the month.

Nearly 12 million Americans are at risk of losing access to unemployment benefits.

The House of Representatives and Senate are expected to vote on the budget on Monday. Then President Donald Trump signed it into law.


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