The value of Obama’s basketball jersey is estimated at 73 million naira



Two basketball jerseys worn by Michael Jordan and one worn by former US President Barack Obama were sold at the most expensive prices in history on Friday.
Jordan’s shirt, which he wore when he was picked up by the Chicago Bulls in 1984, was sold for $ 320,000 – about $ 122 million.
Obama’s shirt, which he wore to Punahou School, sold for $ 192,000 ($ 73 million) – the most expensive price for a school uniform.
Last year one of his school uniforms was sold for $ 120,000.
Obama’s passion for basketball did not leave him until he grew up.
In his new book A Promised Land, Obama says he had to be patient and teach his daughter Sasha basketball because the parents of the opposition children complained that they were not being treated fairly – because she was gaining so much experience.


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