We are the one that rescued GSS Kankara students – Nigerian Army



The Nigerian Ministry of Defense has released details of the rescue of 344 students of the Katsina State Ice School, saying the children were rescued by the military from the gunmen who abducted them.

Zamfara Governors Bello Matawalle and Katsina Governors Aminu Masari said the Miyetti Allah group helped mediate between the kidnappers and the government before releasing the students in Zamfara State Forest.

However, security headquarters spokesman John Enenche said in a statement issued Saturday that the children had been rescued by the military.

Ahmed Jibrin, a former soldier and special assistant to Defense Minister General Bashir Magashi, also confirmed Enenche’s statement, saying the military had killed several of the militants after they were surrounded.

Speaking on NTA television on Saturday, Ahmed said the army was unable to disperse the robbers altogether for fear of injuring their children after they used them to gain protection from the army.

“After the order was given, the army surrounded the hostages by four divisions, including an additional battalion coming from another camp to make sure they were not released.

“They were surrounded by rooftops and they knew it, they could hear the movement of soldiers from above and below.

“When they reached the place where the children were, the soldiers faced resistance from the mob and crushed them and ended up in the forest.

“Even though no child was injured, many robbers were killed because when the soldiers tried to enter the forest they were ambushed in two places.” In fact, in the second place there was a lot of fighting because in they are hidden and all around the way.

“They brought the soldiers a delay for hours before killing them.”

Ahmed Jibrin said while the soldiers were fighting, there were talks and talks with the militants in a separate operation to rescue the children.


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