Who tricked the governor of Kano State?



The issue of appointing Kano State Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje as a professor at the University of East Carolina in the United States continues to make headline in Nigeria, especially in the social media.

Most commentators are asking the same question as to who gave Ganduje this position, since the university affiliated with the position denies doing so.

The university said there were no similar allegations between it and Ganduje, and a letter sent by one of its staff to the governor had not been approved by the university authorities.

This angered the Kano state government and Governor Ganduje himself, prompting them to ask the university to apologize and punish the university lecturer who gave the title “for attempting to embarrass the governor.”

Avoid Twitter, 

End of article posted on Twitter, 1Earlier, Kano State Information Secretary Abba Anwar issued a statement saying the University of East Carolina in the United States had awarded Ganduje a Professor for what it called “his expertise in local governance and improving living conditions.” nation”.

And according to the statement, the Governor’s Professor’s job is to advise undergraduate students, as well as junior teachers.

It was later discovered that a man named Victor Mbarika had sent the letter to Ganduje, which the University of East Carolina in the United States said it did not know about.

Who is Victor Mbarika ?



Victor Mbarikawani is an American professor of Cameroonian descent and teaches communications at the University of East Carolina.

From 2004 to 2020 he taught a similar lesson but at the University of Southern Carolina.

In an article posted on his Facebook page by Professor Farooq Kperogi, a Nigerian lecturer at a US university, Victor Mbarika heads both institutes.

Farooq Kperogi described some of Victor Mbarika’s uses in a letter to Ganduje which he said were not commonly used at universities, especially US universities.

Kperogi, who has been involved in university affairs in the United States for nearly 20 years, said there had been serious mistakes in the written English in addition to the original language being used incorrectly in the letter which should have been It appears that it is not true, since the Kano state government has issued a statement on the matter.

He also cited a similar incident in Ganduje against former Vice President of the Nigerian Senate Ike Ekweremadu.

He was appointed by Victor as a professor and lecturer from time to time at the University of Southern Carolina, during Victor Mbarika’s time at the university.

The same style of speech was used in the letter to Ganduje and the one sent to Ekweremadu at the time, and both were sent by Victor Mbarika, because he is the director of the ICT Center of both universities.

Did Ganduje start on them?

Giving the status of (Professor) or (Doctor) to prominent personalities or politicians in Nigeria from foreign universities is not uncommon.

But the laundry that Ganduje and Ike Ekweremadu thought was done by others did not come out very well until this time.

With the crisis between Ganduje and the University of East Carolina in the United States, officials and politicians will be questioning such positions in the future.



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