2021: President Buhari’s New Year 2021 message to Nigerians


As Nigeria enters the new year 2021, President Muhammadu Buhari addresses the nation.

In his 19-minute speech, President Buhari said that in fact, the year 2020 was one of the most difficult and tragic for Nigerians as a result of the devastating effects of the cholera epidemic on the economy.

The President also spoke on the role of national autonomy and insecurity and corruption and the economy.

“As we all know 2020 is a tough year, this year shows our determination and determination to live in every situation, and gives us new hope of facing any challenges ahead of us in 2021 and beyond.”

He also recalled with sadness the people who did not get to this year 2021 who died in 2020.

The President also touched on national unity, saying that Nigeria would continue to exist as a united nation.

As Nigeria enters the new year 2021, President Muhammadu Buhari addresses the nation.

“We can recall that on October 1, 2020 we celebrated the 60th anniversary of the country’s independence as an independent nation.

President Buhari also touched on the EndSars protests, saying he was committed to fulfilling the five demands of the youth – who made during the #EndSARS protests, which took place last year.

“This government is listening, this government is listening and this government is ready to meet the five demands of the youth, since we all understand that we wish Nigeria well.”

Here are some of the things Buhari said during his New Year’s address to the nation.

  • Our youth are the most important natural resource we have, both at home and abroad. Their skills, enthusiasm and desire to do business are obvious to everyone.
  • Given the security challenges we face in this country, I would like to reiterate the promise I made recently, when the security forces rescued more than 300 children who were abducted at the Ice Science High School. The commitment of the security forces and the co-operation between all stakeholders in the states and the federal government is a testament to the fact that Nigeria can thwart terrorist attacks on its citizens.
  • Our priority is to revitalize the economy by following a plan to expand the economy, which is the main goal of the country in terms of food security.
  • The changes we are making in the power sector will ensure our goal of having enough electricity for people to have in their homes and factories. Our government is providing special programs to create jobs and help our young people in the profession.
  • As we work with the Legislature to enact legislation to strengthen the fight against corruption, we look forward to updating our legislation to ensure that this fight is intensified.
  • Moving our country forward is everyone’s job together. To that end, every citizen needs to abide by the Covid-19 spread protection law, so that the country can be safe, as we prepare to procure and supply everyone with corticosteroid vaccine.


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