An imam in Kaduna State has been killed by robbers for criticizing them



Danleeman Isah, the imam of Kawaran Rafi town in Igabi Local Government Area of ​​Kaduna State, has been shot dead by suspected robbers.

They killed the pastor when they attacked the village. However, a statement issued by Commissioner for Security and Home Affairs Samuel Aruwan on Saturday did not say when the incident took place.

Aruwan said his killing was linked to the teacher’s criticism of hostage-taking and cattle rustling.

“The robbers went directly to Danleeman’s house, and as if that was what led to them, they shot him and left the scene without taking anything or kidnapping anyone,” the statement said.

The commissioner also listed two people who were killed in the attack for criticizing the activities of the robbers.

The men are Ardo Musa Layi, who was killed in Kajuru Local Government Area in October 2020, and Ardo Ahmadu Suleiman who was killed in the Drug Market, also in Kajuru.

Aruwan also confirmed the death of Godogodo Warlord Yohanna Abu, after a mob attacked Nisama town in Jema’a Local Government Area on Friday night.

A local resident, Charles Audu, was also killed in the attack and a man named Mr Abu was abducted.


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