Breaking : Gunmen have killed 56 people in Niger’s Tillaberi region



Although no group has claimed responsibility for the attacks, officials in the country have blamed jihadist groups on the border with Mali.

Tillaberi has been the scene of several attacks in the past, which has led to a state of emergency in 2017.

Last May, at least 20 people were killed by gunmen on motorcycles in some villages.

The latest attacks come as the country prepares for its second round of presidential elections.

What this means is that any successful candidate will inherit a lot of security problems from the outgoing president, Mahamadou Issoufou.

And the security situation is not limited to the border with Mali, the south-east also has its own security problem.

In December 2020, Boko Haram militants carried out attacks in Diffa, killing 27 people.

The group also set fire to hundreds of homes, markets and cars in a three-hour attack in the village of Toumour between Saturday night and Sunday.

Many were burned after their homes were set on fire, and many disappeared into the bush.

The attack comes as the country prepares for local elections on Sunday.

Records say between 800 and 1,000 homes were burned. The militants also killed people after opening fire.


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