Breaking : Important places where the Kano state government is accused of selling out



Debate continues in northern Nigeria’s Kano State over allegations that Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje has embezzled some of the state government’s assets.

So far many of the state’s assets have been sold, some of them have been sold, while discussions are underway on how to sell others in the future.

However, Governor Ganduje and his Commissioner for Information, Muhammad Garba, have repeatedly stated that the sites are not for sale, but are given to urban developers for a few years before being returned to the control of the state government. Kano.

But many opponents of the idea, such as the PDP’s 2019 gubernatorial candidate, Engineer Abba Yusuf, who has previously sued the Kano state government over allegations of misappropriation of assets, say things are being done indiscriminately. people are not allowed to know the situation.

Groups and individuals have criticized the move and sought to find ways to stop Governor Abdullahi Ganduje’s move.

Here are the places where the suspects were sold out altogether.

Triumph Newspaper Company: This company is the publisher of Triumph newspaper and Alfijir newspaper published by Ajami, is one of the places where it is alleged to have been sold out altogether.

It is reported that the government has said that the building of the company is not being used properly, which is why it has decided to allow Wapa currency exchange traders to continue using it.

Shahuci Park: This park has been built recently and is a modern building that will house cars and other professional vehicles in the vicinity, to generate revenue for the state government.

But the rumors are that the building has been completely demolished, and the people of the state are shocked that money has been squandered.

Daula Hotel: It is an old hotel owned by Kano State that is accommodated in the state or easily offered to those who want to use it, for income.

The suspects allegedly sold part of them

Secondary Schools: Most of the walls of secondary schools in Kano State are allegedly being sold because you can see shops everywhere, traders have been caught up in their business activities.

Critics complain that when children in the classroom are studying and entrepreneurs turn on their engines or run their businesses, this can harm the children and their learning environment.

Sabon Gari Stadium : The Kano Pillars football stadium where most of its perimeter walls are also sold to private investors.

Kofar Mata Eid Mosque: The courtyard in and around the mosque has become a full-fledged market part of the market except for insects, and part of the Kofar Wambai market.

In his view, the state government should not allow such a large venue as the mosque, as it strives to generate revenue for the betterment of the people of its state.

Waje Friday Mosque (Fagge): A section of it has been sold, in addition to the selection of a section, to expand the flyover from wapa to maganda road.

The alleged locations are for sale

House Backing Amun measurement (Zoo): story will sell this home has attracted controversy and does not attract, for civil rights and environmental activist and plants all have spit thanks for sharing.

Some people think that in the streets of Kano, there is no place more wet than this house, and if they are cut down, it will be harmful to the environment.

However, the state government said it wanted to relocate the animals to show their sympathy for the situation, to ensure that people are able to catch up with them, and that they are not getting the air they need.

Zakat House: This is the latest site where the government has been accused of announcing its intention to sell it, although the government says it is part of the building it will use but not the actual building of the house.

House observers have vowed not to tolerate the incident, saying they will file a lawsuit in court to prevent the action.


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