Breaking : Nineteen people were killed and nine were injured in Kaduna



Authorities in Nigeria have deployed additional security personnel to One Town in Giwa Local Government Area of ​​Kaduna State following a series of revenge attacks between police and suspected bandits.

The incident killed at least 20 people, injured dozens, and destroyed property.

State security commissioner Samuel Aruwan told the BBC that security forces were working to identify those involved in the scam.

Regarding the search for the gunmen, the commissioner said, “They are being tracked down, given that the area is close to Dandume and Sabuwa Local Government Areas in Katsina State.”

He expressed frustration over the way in which some people were suspected of being gunmen and said it was “turning back the clock”.

According to him, “there are about four herdsmen who have been attacked and killed. It is good for the various parties to follow the law and order, to allow the security forces and the government to do what they have to do in under the law ”.

How it happened

A local resident, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed that troops had been deployed in the town to ensure the safety of lives and property.

However, he said, people were still concerned about the situation and feared a recurrence.

Regarding the casualties caused by the attacks, the servant of God said, “It is difficult to estimate the extent of the damage because there are about six vehicles burnt, there is a passing car carrying the bride’s belongings. “Terrorists also set her on fire.”

According to the man, more than 20 other shops were also set on fire and set ablaze.

He said the gunmen arrived in the city on 50 motorcycles and up to three motorcycles each carrying three people, “probably up to 150 what he did in the air.”

He explained that the gunmen appeared to be on the run because of “unplanned and unplanned attacks” and that the nature of the situation was so large that not everyone could deal with them. not”.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat him.

Pirate attacks and kidnappings for ransom are major security problems plaguing towns in northwestern Nigeria.


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