Covid-19: Terms set by the Nigerian Government for offices and businesses



Some businesses in Nigeria have already opened and opened for the first time, following the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

The normal working hours are Monday to Friday, but due to the prevailing weather conditions, things will change slightly, at a time when the government is announcing new measures to help businesses prevent the spread of the disease. .

Here are some of the steps the government says must be taken:

  • For government offices, employees below the 12th salary level shall not continue to work, unless their employment is compulsory.
  • Hand sanitizer must be stored in businesses and offices
  • They must also impose sanctions on their employees at all times
  • They also ensure the use of remote systems, especially in the case of staff and visitors
  • Check the condition of staff and visitors outside the office as you enter
  • Provide regular hand washing with soap and water for 20 seconds
  • Establish a system of office distance systems to protect employees
  • Where employees are in front of customers they must be provided with protective equipment for their safety
  • Ensure that staff know how to detect signs of coronary heart disease and have a thorough understanding of what to do during illness and encourage them to stay home
  • Signs are urging the public to be vigilant in offices and ministries
  • Employees should not exchange equipment, such as computers, telephones, or seats
  • Then limit the number of office visitors
  • Use couriers instead of traffickers.


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