Democrats pressured Mike Pence to remove Trump from office



U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has kept up pressure on Vice President Mike Pence to oust Donald Trump, over his alleged role in an intrusion by supporters into the Capitol building of the state legislature.

Lawmakers are expected to find a solution by asking Mr. Pence to use section 25 to prove that Trump is unfit to continue in office.

But Mr Pence does not seem to agree.

And if he refuses to do so, the Democrats will vote to remove Trump which prompted his supporters to storm the Capitol building.

The Republican president has come under fire from Democrats and his party for the protests, following widespread protests over his rejection of the presidential election. Trump does. Five people were killed during the attack including a police officer working in parliament.

Trump has not made a public statement since being banned from using his social media accounts including Twitter on Friday.

He is scheduled to leave office on January 20, the day Democrat Joe Biden will be sworn in as the new president. Mr Trump has said he will not attend Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Mrs Pelosi wrote to lawmakers that the House of Representatives would file a motion asking Mr. Pence to use section 25 of the constitution to seek the removal of Trump from office and to become interim president.

The House of Representatives has the option to vote on Tuesday. Mr. Pence and other staff will then be given one day to do something about the request

“We will do everything in a hurry, because this president is seeking to be a threat to us all,” Pelosi wrote in her letter on Sunday. “The violence and backlash we have seen about our democracy caused by this president has prompted me to take immediate action.”

Although Mr. Pence indicated they parted ways with President Trump on Sunday after announcing his intention to attend the inauguration ceremony that Trump said he would not attend, there is no indication that he would accept the impeachment of the president.

On the other hand the second Republican Rep. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania said “The president has resigned immediately”, so Lisa Murkowski of Alaska supported him.

What happens if Pence refuses to do what is needed?

Democrats in the House of Representatives will continue plans to remove him immediately. Removing him at this stage means prosecuting him in the Senate, and Pelosi said they will file a lawsuit against Mr Trum for “inciting supporters to riot”.

Leading lawmakers say a vote to impeach Trump will take place later this week. If that starts, Trump will be the first US president to be ousted twice in history.

He will then be arraigned in the Senate, where a two-thirds majority will agree to impeach the president. And if confirmed, the Senate would vote to ban him from holding any public office.

However, Democrat Rep. James Clyburn, who is close to Democrats, told CNN that the party would not send a statement of intent to the Senate until after Joe Biden had spent his first 100 days in office, “because he did not. it is an opportunity to focus on the tasks ahead. “

What about the investigation into the protests?

As investigators try to present those arrested for entering the Capitol building, Virginia and Washington police have suspended some of their officers for allegedly attending a day off work.


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