How Director Ashiru Nagoma Run To Mental Illness



Rumors continue to circulate following the illness of Kannywood director Ashiru Nagoma. 

Doctors have confirmed that he is suffering from anxiety disorder. Called Depression. Many people thought the director was mentally ill.

Only after a series of calls were made to Kannywood’s Hausa film stars. Appoint the Director of Care with Proper Support.

It is was said that the actors have been trying to help him in recent days but his relatives or mother have refused. Only in an interview with Kannywood Exclusive did the Kannywood actors, especially those involved in the business. Actor Ali Nuhu has been quoted as confirming this point. He said the director’s mother and relatives did not cooperate.


Also In The Interview With The Actors. Another Producer And Writer. We can say that he was one of the founders of this project. Named Bala Anas Babillata. Remarks on Ashiru Nagoma’s Rumors.

There are those who say that Ashiru Nagoma was in his prime when he was the rising director. He raised his compassion and showed that no one was enough.

Given that at the time he had a lot of money in his hands he also insulted the actors and some of the Kannywood industry. 

Some people say that secret names make a person famous if they want the world to know him. And if they don’t want to go to the movies. 

It is thought that the director’s remarks in the past are that God is now pointing the finger at him and making him nothing in the industry. 

But some of Anas Babillata’s remarks reinforce allegations that Ashiru had problems with some of his colleagues during his departure.

What Balan Says About Ashiru Nagoma. When Asked by Kannywood Exclusive.

Watch Video Below: 


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