How to apply for a Nigerian government job that will employ 774,000 people



The Nigerian government has launched a special employment program, which will employ about 774,000 unemployed Nigerians, which was launched on Tuesday, January 5, 2021.

Authorities say the scheme will employ 1,000 Nigerians from each of the 774 local government areas across the country, which will help alleviate the financial crisis caused by the corona epidemic.

The program will be sponsored and implemented by the National Employment Agency (NDE).

In an interview with the BBC, the Minister of Labor, Festus Keyamo, said that in order to ensure the successful implementation of the program, the government has included community, bi-religious and civil society leaders. themselves, and of drivers’ associations, as well as of women’s business associations from 36 states of the country in the program.

“These religious leaders will set up committees in their areas, which will look at how to determine the beneficiaries of the program, because they are closer to the masses that the program aims to help,” he said. .

The Nigerian government has said that the program for those who are illiterate or uneducated will be employed for a period of three months and will be paid N20,000 per month. .

“As you should know, this program is designed to help people who are dependent on their daily needs, such as laborers and other regular laborers, who are often at risk of contracting cholera. going to throw in a lot of trouble, ” Mr Keyamo said.

After three months of work what else to do?

Mr Kayemo said the three-month period was called the ‘weaning’, which did not mean they had to be weaned, but that they needed to be considered in order to move them forward from where the government stands.

” We have a lot of plans on our table, which we call ‘weaning’, because after three months you have encouraged the weaker ones at the local government level – in fact this program means investing in are the hands of such people.

“There are some business women whose capital is only N20,000 to N25,000. If you give them N60,000 in three months it will boost their business, you see they have been helped,” he said.

Mr Keyamo also emphasized that there was a possibility that the government would expand the program to another year, depending on the success of the project and the state’s finances after three months.

“There is also a plan on our table to try to get some of them involved in agriculture after three months, to develop food and provide them with jobs.”

How do you apply for a job of 774, 000 special services?

  • Click here to visit the special services page provided by the government, for details on how to register 774,000 special services for all 36 Nigerian states and 774 local government areas.
  • Click on your state on the Nigeria map on the front page for the names and contact numbers of the committee members.
  • Choose your local council to see the steps to follow one by one applying for the job.

See what jobs you can get

  • Repair and extraction of drainage
  • Repairing summer irrigation canals
  • Repairing small roads in rural areas
  • Street volunteer work
  • Street waste
  • Waste of government buildings such as health centers and schools.


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