NIMC has developed application that allows you to have a national ID on your phone



The National Identity Card Board (NIMC) has started urging Nigerians to download the NIMC software on their phones, after it was launched so that citizens can download their card on their mobile phones.

NIMC has stated that the software it has developed is not difficult to use, and that anyone who uses it must have a NIN code.

According to the NIMC, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has stated that a person can combine his NIN number with seven line numbers – registered with his name.

How can one download NIMC software on a phone ?

First of all, you can download the software from the Google Play Store if you are using an Android phone, as well as for iPhone users can go to the Apple Store to view the software to download.

  • After downloading the software on your phone, go into it and go down and press Skip (skip) to continue
  • Then you put the numbers 11 Nin, click Next (next) , and then click I agree (I agree)
  • After that, the number you used to register your NIN will come up with two questions:
  • I still use this number
  • I do not use this number at the moment
  • Then click on the appropriate link for these questions to go to the next step
  • If you are using the displayed number, you will enter a personal code that will be sent to you at the same time, then enter the number and click the next step
  • But if you do not use it, you must go to one of the nearest NIMC offices to provide your new phone number, which will allow you to get your card.


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