Security forces evacuated Dahiru Bauchi students in Kaduna overnight


 Reports from Kaduna state say that a group of security operatives broke into the residence of Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi, removing all the students lying in the courtyard.

The principal of Dahiru Bauchi schools in and around Kaduna and the imam of the Kaduna Bye Pass Mosque, Fatahu Umar Pandogari, confirmed the incident to the BBC.

“At around 12:00 pm, the Army, Police, Kastelea and Road Safety entered the house of Maulanmu Shehu, here at the school, arrested the students and took them away during the night,” said the principal.

He said he did not know why the students were arrested, but since the closure of schools during the first coronation, the students have since been released, but according to him, those arrested are now living in Sheikh Dahiru’s house. not those who grew up and came from another city.

“We can’t determine how many of the disciples were picked up, because at night they came and were evacuated,” he said.

He also told us that they tried to contact the Kaduna government at the time of the incident, but were unable to speak to them.

But even after the BBC contacted the Kaduna government, Major Garba Yahaya Rimi, chairman of the Kaduna State Transport and Environment Authority, KASTELEA, and chairman of the state’s cholera control committee, said the operation was one of the first steps taken. I suppressed the cholera epidemic.

He said the move was not limited to Dahiru Bauchi School, adding that it affected all 23 local government areas of the state.

The state government confirmed that 140 students had graduated from the school and were being held at the Kaduna State Hajj Camp where they were being assessed, adding that some of the students were from countries such as Niger and Chad.

The government said once the vetting process was completed, the students, who hail from other states, would be handed over to their state governors, Kaduna State and local government officials, and foreign students would be handed over to the Immigration Service. by Nigeria.

Last year, the state government repatriated some students, accusing them of spreading cocaine.

At the time, it was not until the incident that there was a rift between Kaduna and Kano where Kaduna blamed the almajirai being taken to the state and Kano to the state coronation.

This comes after 65 students who were taken to Kaduna from Kano were tested for coronary heart disease.


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