The European countries support us than the Islamic countries – Governor Zulum



Borno State Governor Babagana Umara Zulum says European countries are more supportive of his state than Muslim Arabs in the face of attacks by jihadist groups.

Zulum made the remarks on Tuesday while receiving Palestinian Ambassador Saleh Fheied Saleh in Maiduguri, the state capital.

“I am a very active person, since we got into these problems, we have received support from the UK and other parts of Europe and the US and Canada and Japan and others who have expressed their concern for us,” the governor said.

“But such support has never come from Arab countries, where we share the same religion (Islam) and culture. Even Shuwa Arab we have in Borno, which shows how our history is related.

“We made various moves, we went to the embassies of Arab countries especially the rich, but many Arab countries did not care about our situation and did not give us help.”

Governor Zulum also described the ambassador’s visit as “encouraging” and thanked him.

For his part, Ambassador Saleh Fheied stated that there are natives of Borno State in Palestine, including Fatima Barnawi, a former minister and senior police officer.

“There are many Palestinian companies in Nigeria who want to work with the Borno government and we will do whatever you need to do to help,” the ambassador said.

Boko Haram has killed more than 36,000 people in northeastern Nigeria and caused massive property damage in more than 10 years.


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