Twitter and Facebook have blocked Trump’s pages



Donald Trump has been banned from posting messages on Twitter and Facebook following messages he sent to supporters who attacked the US Congress building.

In a message posted on his social media page to the protesters, he said, “I know you” before later telling them to return to their homes. He also reiterated his false claims of electoral fraud.

Twitter said it had asked for the three messages it sent to be removed because of “their risk of causing a setback to the stability of our civilian population”.

The company said the president’s website would remain closed for security reasons if he did not delete the messages.

He also added that continuing to violate certain rules could lead to the closure of @realDonaldTrump site permanently.

On the other hand, Facebook blocked Trump’s account for 24 hours. Then Youtube removed the video he posted.

Facebook said: “We removed it because we believe it could further fuel the current crisis.”

Fans stormed the parliament building and clashed with police, killing one woman.


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