WAHALA!! U-Work and INSME shutdown their portal



 As a result of Large participation and engagement of peoples on these two newly formed websites or platforms created by Anonymous. these Websites gather and generate Alot of huge amounts of Money from different individuals with the aim of investing and purchasing packages, that allows them to earn the percentage of what they have been paid for package alongside the number of referrals or registers members under The Main members. 

In other words, INSME stands for International network for small and medium sized Enterprises. 

 Having more than 180 thousands followers. 

How ever, surprisingly from yesterday to now their portal is not accessing, but rather redirecting to U-work platform. 

This scenario have brings us the insight to realise and understand the link between owner of INSME and also he is the same owner of U-WORK platform. 

This means he owned both the two platforms or sites.


Finally we are closing by directing, informing and enlighting people to know where they are investing their real money, who are them to blame incase of any inconsistencies. Also to know and get more lights on what is the real certainty of these two newly enterprises websites.


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