Barcelona have reached the semi-finals 13 times in the Copa del Rey in 15 competitions



Barcelona beat Granada 5-3 in the quarter-finals of this year’s Copa del Rey on Wednesday.

The teams went 2-2 in the 90th minute, and it was only after extra time that Barcelona stepped up their efforts to reach the quarter-finals.

This is the 13th time Barcelona have reached the quarter-finals after being knocked out in the quarter-finals last year.

Barcelona have not reached the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey in 2009/10 and 2019/20.

And this is the 60th time Barcelona have made such an effort in the Copa del Rey, which is at the forefront of the lashes hi, with Real Madrid’s 57th goal reaching the semi-finals.

The Copa del Rey semi-final between Barcelona and Sevilla will be split on Friday with the winner of either Real Betis or Athletiv Bilbao.

The semi-finals will be played at home and away, with the first match to begin in February and the second to be played in March.

Barcelona’s 15 seasons in the Copa del Rey

2020/21 – Close to the end so far

2019/20 -Quarter finals

2018/19 – Final

2017/18 -Drink coffee

2016/17 – Win the cup

2015/16. -To win the cup

2014/15 – Win the cup

2013/14 – Final

2012/13 – Quarter finals

2011/12 – Win the cup

2010/11 – Final

2009/10 – 16 more teams

2008/09 – Win the cup

2007/08 – Close to the end

2006/07 – Close to the end


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