Kwankwaso – The endorsement for change 2023



By Prof Sani Lawal

Change comes 2023. is inevitable! The only social experience that is permanent and constant is change. As is normally the case with any society every other day is a new day, every other time is a new time and with respect to Nigeria’s leadership a new one is much desired.

Almost every well meaning Nigerian is convinced that so many things are wrong with the way the country is being managed. People are simply disenchanted with institutionalization of corruption and the way governance is turning into a self seeking venture. Nigerians are not satisfied with proliferation of human trafficking and kidnapping industries, expansion of baby factories, incessant workers strike, lack of reliable energy (hydro, wind, or solar), agricultural decay, money laundering courtesy of the privatisation of transnational arm deal, collapse in our educational and health sector.

 None of Nigerian universities is among the first top 50 universities of the world, again, Nigerians in spite of all the potentialities are trooping to Egypt, India and Ghana for treatment of headache and arthritis- things must not be allowed to be the same. Nigerians must overcome primordial ties and bigoted thinking and have the nation at heart; they must see themselves as Nigerians first and think beyond the sums of their parts.

Because of his outstanding performance as Governor of Kano State, Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso is being endorsed by rational minds and groups in their desperate quest for change. Kwankwaso achieved at State level what Federal Government failed to achieved at National level.

Hence his endorsement first by Progressive Intellectuals of Nigeria ( PIN) Kano Chapter, PDP Elders Kano, and a number of groups from the South-west, South-east and South-south. His achievements are palpable enough to be seen, touched and felt even by his unrepentant political foes.

I said it before and will repeat it again, in the area of education, Kano State recorded unprecedented achievements. Within two years over 2000 blocks of classrooms were built at primary schools level, secondary schools were massively equipped  and renovated, over 1000 teachers were employed in addition to the 400 housing units for secondary schools’ teachers, tertiary institutions of the state were structurally repositioned and face lifted, more than 1000 additional lecturers were employed, salaries of lecturers increased by 10%,  5601 students were at once sponsored abroad on scholarship, 200 more students were sent to maritime and aviation oriented schools abroad, yet 100 students sent to study medicine, a whole new university ( North West University) was established at a time when some States find it hard to pay salaries. Three billion naira was earmarked for the 2013 successful takeoffs of the University notwithstanding the structural transformation of another university (Kano State University of Science and Technology, KUST).

Over 200 students were sent to China to study Chinese language. What a foresight! 200 more were sent to Niger Republic to Study French. Eighteen more specialized institutes ranging from Kano Reformatory Institute, Kano State Informatics, Sport Academy, Security Academy, Lives Stock institute, Farm Mechanization, Hospitality and Tourism Institute, Institute of Entrepreneur Studies, Schools of Nursing and Midwifery to  mention a few were established within two years. Education (from primary- university levels) is free in Kano.

The state’s health sector is impressively transformed with reference to both preventive and curative medicines.

In the cycle of preventive medicine sanitary inspection was revisited and revitalised, monthly sanitation exercise reintroduce, child immunizations were more prompt and consistent, sales of drugs had been sanitized where the state government boldly banned unauthorized drugs hawking and herbs trading. In addition, more waste clearance vans were purchased; waste management practice compared to 2010 era was more scientific, efficient and proactive. When it comes to curative medicine the state’s hospital and health posts were renovated and further equipped. They now look more of hospital than ‘waiting for death’ centres of those days.

The Kwankwasiyya administration is undoubtedly the administration for the youths, women, the downtrodden and those who are generously rich.

Youth empowerment is typical of Kwankwasiyya philosophy. The economic condition of Kano youths was positively touched. Within two years of Kwankwaso’s administration over 2000 youths were economically empowered to run pharmaceutical and livestock businesses; the Kwankwasiyya transport initiative was spectacular where taxes were impartially distributed on loan basis to one thousand youths and over one thousand luxurious Toyota limousines were distributed to service ‘high taste’ passengers. Drug Abuse amongst youth is impressively tackled, over 2000 youths were employed under KAROTA to regulate traffic and instil traffic discipline.  By the time the new flyovers and tunnels are commissioned evening ride in Kano would be very fascinating.

Assorted begging amongst youths: street begging, medical begging, glorified begging, fertility begging, and political begging (JAGALIYA) were adequately curtailed. In particular, political begging (JAGALIYA) is now out of Kano social map. Kwankwasiyya youth vanguard a.k.a Askarawan Kwankwasiyya was constituted to sensitize youth against begging and redundancy.

Kwankwasiyya ideology is favourably disposed to women emancipation and general welfare. In conjunction with Dangote’s charitable gesture over N600 million was disbursed to women. Again over one thousand widows and divorcees were remarried and supported with N10, 000 each to run livestock business. This social engineering is the first of its kind in the history of governance in the whole of West Africa.

In the area of revenue generation, the revenue worth of Kano skyrocketed from N500 million in 2010 to N2billion in 2012. If this trend continues Kano state would be resourceful enough sustain itself by 2015.

Kano urban planning and beautification stride is to say the least, very inspirational. The aerial view of Kano Metropolis at night is illuminative comparable to any city of the developed world. Land bunkering and erection of illegal structures are no longer the marks of New Kano. Three flamboyant cities: Kwankwasiyya, Amana and Bandirawo cities with sound road networks, shopping malls, embassies, schools, and other basic amenities were established within three years. Readers are freely invited to visit Kano and see things for themselves. For those who wish to come, i personally offered to take care of their befitting accommodations.

If Kwankwaso can record all these achievements as a state governor he can achieve more at national level as a President. I also endorse him!!!

Reported by

SAMEEN Y SAEED DR SYS  KwankwasiyyaReportersNigeria.


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