The demolition of Nassarawa Gate Bridge has bring controversy in Kano State

The demolition of Nassarawa Gate Bridge has bring controversy in Kano State

 The Kano state government’s decision to demolish the Nasarawa Gate Bridge has sparked controversy in the state.

The Kano state government said it had decided to demolish the bridge because it was in a state of disrepair due to poor performance during construction.

The Nasarawa Bridge is one of the projects that the former Kano State government of Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso has spent billions of naira to build bridges in Kano.

Some in the state think billions of dollars should not be spent on bridges and soon another government says it will collapse and make a new one.

Others think that if a problem is found it is not a crime to demolish the bridge to avoid what has already happened in Dorayi.

A section of the people of Kano also viewed the move as a political ploy and an attempt to erase the activities of the former Kwankwaso government due to opposition.

What did the Kano government say?

Kano State Commissioner for Information Malam Muhammad Garba said the government must take action against anything that is dangerous or harmful to the lives of the people.

He said for two years, experts had been complaining to the Kano state government that some of the bridge’s pillars had begun to erode.

“And now that the government has reviewed it, it needs to be consulted on what to do,” he said.

The Kano state government said experts were now studying the bridge and its quality and would submit a report to the government on what should be done.

According to Garba, the bridge needs to be rehabilitated as Kaduna Governor Nasir Elrufai’i demolished the bridge.

And the government hopes to modernize the bridge within a year, he said.

He also denied allegations that their government was trying to erase the actions of former Kano governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso and that it was planning to take such action.

Current affairs commentators believe that it is not the government that should be given priority to repair or renovate the bridge, but the lack of awareness of what the people should give to the people of the state, who say the Kano state government needs to change its mind.

However, current affairs commentators have criticized the Kano state government’s decision to repair or renovate the bridge, not knowing what it should do for the people of the state.

Bala Abdullahi Kaugama, chairman of the Network for Justice in Nigeria, said the Kano state government needed to change its mind.


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