The Kano State Government has denied the demolition of Sheikh Abduljabbar School



The government of Kano State in northern Nigeria has denied the demolition of Sheikh Abduljabbar Nasir Kabara’s lectures.

KANUPDA spokesperson Ado Muhammad Gama told BBC Hausa that although the demolished buildings were close to the lecturer’s compound, they did not belong to him.

According to him: “These buildings were built by some people illegally and that is why we have now sent them and demolished them.

“In the past, Sheikh Abduljabbar was among more than a thousand people who came to our agency and said it was theirs but they failed to bring evidence.”

“The people who built the building were instructed not to start but they refused and it was demolished saying the school of Sheikh Abduljabbar was safe.

Which space is specifically demolished?

At the time of writing, the government had demolished the Jauful Fara field, which was used by Sheikh Abduljabbar to conduct his studies.

Except for his school compound, Ashabulkahfi, which includes a mosque, his home and an Islamic center, they were not affected by the collapse.

If only the field was not a building, it was surrounded and lights were installed for the study.

The land was given to me by the government – Abduljabbar

Earlier, Sheikh Abduljabbar told the BBC that the field belonged to him.

However, some residents said the field was being contested, arguing that it was being contested

The cleric said the land was given to him by the government of former governor Rabiu Kwankwaso “but by word of mouth”, but he tried to get the application but it did not come out, which he later resigned.

“But I spent 20 years studying there,” Abduljabbar said.

Earlier this week, the government of Abdullahi Ganduje banned Sheikh Abduljabbar from conducting sermons or commentary on what he said were potentially inflammatory remarks.

However, the teacher said he was mistreated by the government, claiming that he would return to writing to prevent the teachers he was arguing with from falling asleep.


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