Insecurity: Neighbors abduct and kill 5 years old boy in Kaduna

Insecurity: Neighbors abduct and kill 5 years old boy in Kaduna
Insecurity: Neighbors abduct and kill 5 years old boy in Kaduna

Reports are emerging of the killing of a five years old boy by four people in northwestern Nigeria’s Kaduna State this week.

A younger brother of the boy, Sanusi Jibo Magayaki, told the BBC that Muhammadu was initially reported missing last Saturday, a week, before his parents learned that he had been spotted in Kano State together. and another named Galadima.

He said a resident of Galadima, a resident of Muhammadun, was spotted at a bus station in Kano, which prompted him to take a picture of it and send it to his father, but before security agents were dispatched, they were reported missing.

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“The kidnappers kept calling him, saying that the boy was in their hands and that they would release him for money, demanding N50 million, before he was dragged to the ground and released. to N5 million ”

He said the money was delivered to them where they were looking for it, near the Kawo flyover in Kaduna, but their son was later denied for a day.

A spokesman told BBC Hausa that the men had decided to kill Muhammad because he could say they had abducted him, since he knew them as neighbors.

“Galadima was arrested in Kaduna and he told the security operatives that Muhammadu was in Kano, which is why he was escorted by security operatives to find the deceased,” he said.

Even when he went to Kano he started playing tricks on them, when he was taken to the Kano State Commissioner of Police and threatened with severe punishment, he said that they were the ones who killed Muhammadu.

He confirmed reports that Galadima, who was initially involved in the case, was a former Nigerian soldier who had been fired in recent years.

Meanwhile, four suspects have been arrested in connection with the case, including Nazifi, who was the first to take Muhammad to Galadima, and a woman who kept the boy in custody. her home when he was hidden in Kano State, and Galadima by a man named Umar, who was the one who phoned the boy’s parents.


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